About Us


Our site is as a one-stop shop for the end-to-end value chain of the inland fish farming (aquaculture) value chain. Facilities are provided for various participants in the market, including:

  • Sellers/Farmers
  • Buyers
  • Producers
  • Service Providers
  • Transporters
  • Consultants

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that there is enough resources in the world to sustain all humanity comfortably. We want to contribute to a more equitable world by providing a beneficial service that empowers large numbers of people in economies.


Farmers (sellers) have individual shops where you can showcase your produce, with the option to update the site directly from their mobile phones or email (coming soon).
Buyers can search for products from time to time on the website, or set up shop and get notified whenever sellers update the site with new products. The site will also provide recommendations of transporters to interested buyers.
Other allied product and service providers, such as feed millers/vendors and aquaculture consultants, will also have the option to create their own shops on the website.

A Free Service

Registration and usage of the site is free for basic usage. Minimal charges apply for premium facilities such as instant text updates to mobile phones.


The outstanding value of Giwanruwa to all customers is visibility. We bring your products or services to the attention of millions of people all over the world, at no cost to you! A single farm would not have all it takes to serve all the fish needs of the region. But together in Giwanruwa.com we create a site that can serve all localities, and every size and preference of customer. We advertise and market your products and services, nationally and internationally, all year round.